Have you ever felt discouraged, sad or even alone in your weight loss struggle

Don’t worry – you’re not alone!  Statistics show that only 13% of people are happy with their current weight – that leaves an entire 87% of the population struggling on a daily basis! We understand what it feels like when you are desperate to lose that weight, and that each time you hear about a new fad or super new miracle diet plan to try, you don’t really know what you need to do to get started, or even start to question what is true or false out there. Or maybe you have overcome that initial barrier, but then once again you either find a reason why it’s not for you, or you never quite get motivated enough to begin; or you may even try it for a while and discover that it isn’t really working for you. Stay with me for the next few minutes as I reveal to you exactly how it is possible to lose that weight you so desperately need to lose, and why this information could help you re-gain your confidence, and have you looking good in just weeks from now. We are going to open up your eyes to how that can be possible in just weeks to go from where you are right now, to shedding 5, 10, or even 42 Kg (6.6 stone/92 lbs.) in the next 12 weeks or less. The reality is that many people really wish someone had given them the help and information they needed about weight loss options, or wished that they had had someone who they could turn to when they went through challenges on their weight loss journey, because they know that would have helped them achieve their goals faster. There are literally millions of people out there who are in the same position and we want to genuinely help. However If you’re thinking “I’ll just think about it for a while and come back later”, you might as well stop reading this article right now. What we are going to share with you is definitely available for you, right now, for just a short period of time!  However if you do decide to close this page, your window of opportunity will be closed – simple as that.

Let me introduce you to Weight Loss Surgery in France.

Weight Loss surgery Hospital in Le Havre France

Hospital in Le Havre

If you have been doing some research and reading up about it online, then you have already made your first steps towards losing some of that excess weight you are no doubt carrying around. Weight Loss Surgery at our registered Hospitals in France is going to totally change the weight loss game for you, like it has for many others who found themselves in your situation. It’s going to boost your confidence, dramatically improve your health and even make it possible for you to lose weight so you can finally look the best you’ve looked for a long time.       But you know what? Don’t just take my word for it. Check out this weight loss surgery case study: In just a few short weeks, Mohammad was able to lose over 42 Kg (6.6 stone/92 lbs) after having Gastric Sleeve Surgery in France. Mohammad in April 2014You can find out more about these results, and read more testimonials like this one, which clearly demonstrate to you how you too can then confidently aim for and achieve your own weight loss goals following Bariatric Surgery at our Registered Hospital in Normandy, Northern France, which is the largest French NHS Hospital in France, with over 2000 private rooms, with ensuite bathrooms, ensuring that cross infection from other patients is virtually eliminated. Now I know what you’re thinking: how in the world am I supposed to achieve these results when nothing else has worked for me so far?” Well, the question really is: “What’s holding you back?”  If its fear of failing, you’ve already failed – if you’re questioning whether something like this is for you, without believing in what you too can achieve, you’re passing up the opportunity to actually get something out of this, and potentially even surpass those who have already achieved results like Mohammad has proved can be done after having his weight loss surgery, and the many other people who have already made the decision and had Weight loss surgery at our Hospital in France. Okay, so you’ve read all about what Weight Loss Surgery in France can do for you, and you’ve learned how many others have reached their own weight loss goals, so if you’re still not convinced, let me reiterate: Gastric Band Surgery, Gastric Sleeve Surgery or Gastric Bypass Surgery is going to help you achieve your weight loss goals FAST !! and if you feel that trying it isn’t worth the risk for you, that’s fine but if you’d rather improve your long term health and make a difference to your lifestyle, then you are one step closer to achieving maximum weight loss. I hope you can now truly see the power of this. But wait, there’s more. I really wanted to go the extra mile for you as a potential client because I want to ensure you that all of this isn’t just talk, so to help you achieve your goals even faster than you thought possible,

I’ve lined up a special promotional price for Gastric ByPass and Gastric Sleeve Clients:- 

Plus + some amazing all inclusive packages that you can take advantage off to save you more money and help you to make that final decision about having weight loss surgery in France. For this special promotion of Gastric Sleeve Surgery and Gastric Bypass Surgery at ONLY £5500, we will also include in our already comprehensive package the following additional extras:-
  1. Limousine Taxi collection and return services from Paris Airport or Eurostar Terminal in Paris to your Hotel close to the Hospital,
  2. 3 Nights B & B in a 4 star Hotel where you and a companion can stay (2 nights before, and one night after surgery)
  3. Medical & Travel Insurance Policy.
These special additions amount to an Amazing saving of over £425!

For Gastric Band Surgery Clients we have a very Special New year Offer for you :-

We have arranged for your first “Fill” in the UK to be included in your New year package FREE of charge. This is a saving  of approximately £90 So, if this sounds like an offer for you –and you truly believe you have what it takes to take your life to the next level, all you need to do is click on the FREE INFORMATION button below for an initial consultation with one of our experienced coordinators, and take that first step of losing up to 42 Kg in just a few short weeks.

Think you cant Afford weight Loss Surgery ? Read On !

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer our clients the ability to access specialist Finance to cover the cost of medical loans, cosmetic surgery financing for Cosmetic Surgery and Weight Loss Surgery loans from licensed and registered specialist Finance providers. I look forward to helping you to achieve your own weight loss goals and I truly look forward to hearing all about your success with weight loss surgery in France.

This is Tullia Law, and I Look forward to discussing your weight Loss Surgery options!