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We are licenced with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) as credit Brokers which enables us to recommend clients to a range of Finance companies and institutions, which you could possibly use to arrange a personal loan to cover the costs of Cosmetic Surgery and Weight Loss Surgery. Many licensed and registered Finance providers have a wide range of credit facilities including unsecured personal loans for any purpose which are ideal for Medical Loans and cosmetic surgery financing of all types. Most popular Loan and Finance institutions in the UK will in many cases be able to help you secure a personal loan to cover the cost of the cosmetic or weight loss surgery of your choice. This choice enables you to get the most favourable and suitable financial solution to suit your personal needs, and you will be able to negotiate competitive rates and flexible terms best suited for your circumstances and requirements. In most cases obtaining loans for cosmetic surgery, financing should be a stress-free process.
£3250* for Gastric Band Surgery £5500* for Gastric By-pass Surgery £5500* for Gastric Sleeve Surgery *prices subject to exchange rate fluctuation Laser Clinic (France) Ltd offer fully inclusive packages for bariatric surgery at extremely competitive prices with easy access from all areas of the UK. If you have been sitting on the fence waiting, or been unable to commit to having Weight Loss Surgery then here is your chance to make it happen. With access to personal Loans, there is no need to wait until you have saved enough money for surgery. You can have it sooner than you thought possible and start your weight loss journey immediately…

Medical Loans for Every Medical or Surgical Need

Most of us don’t have the spare cash to pay for non-urgent medical needs such as cosmetic surgery, gastric band surgery or many other types of Bariatric surgery. Instead, we have to borrow the money – and that often means a personal loan. With personal loans from most finance houses, you can borrow from as little as £3000 up to a maximum loan of £25,000 with a term of between one and five years, which will adequately cover the cost any cosmetic surgery. The interest rates will depend on the finance company you choose and the duration of the repayment period will depend on your personal circumstances and ability to repay the loans.

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A Representative Example of the cost of a typical medical loan or Surgery Financing

Personal loans are a good option if you want to fund any major purchase because you will then know exactly how much you can borrow, over what period and at what rate. In other words, you can calculate exactly how much the loan will cost.

For example :

If you were to borrow £3000 towards a Gastric Band Surgery over a 3 years period at a representative APR of 7.1% and an annual interest rate of 7.19% APR (fixed), you would pay:-
  • per Month:- £ 92.89.
  • The total charge for credit:- £ 344.12.
  • Total amount repayable:- £3,344.12.
These figures are for illustration purposes only and will vary depending upon the finance company you use, the rates available at the time, the amount you are borrowing and your personal circumstances.

Terms and conditions apply. Loans are subject to application and acceptance and are provided through Unsecured Loans For You Ltd. Hyde Park House, Cartwright Street, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 4EH. Registered in England. Company Reg No: 7769033. Data Protection Act Registration No: Z2884329, FCA Authorisation Reference Number: 723179. Unsecured Loans For You Ltd are a licenced credit broker, not a lender. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The information you provide is passed to our trusted panel of lenders where all applications are subject to assessment and approval. Laser Clinic (France) Ltd Disclaimer:- Laser Clinic (France) Ltd are not in any way connected to any finance company mentioned on this page but may receive small commissions for referring clients to them for which we authorised as we are registered and approved by the FCA as Licenced Credit Brokers as per the details below. is owned and managed by:- Laser Clinic (France) Ltd. 286B Chase Road London UK Phone:0033 686567031
Company Registration Number: 05996666 Laser Clinic (France) Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Firm Ref No. 625160 You can confirm our registration on the FCA’s website or by contacting the FCA on 0800 1116768
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