Medical Travel Insurance

Medical Travel Insurance for Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve

ACS-Insure Travel Insurance for France and Belgium
If you are considering traveling abroad or to another EEC Country for Cosmetic, Weight Loss, or other surgical treatments then you may need specialist insurance cover.


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Thousands of people travel each year with no travel insurance at all, or with inappropriate cover believing that simple travel insurance, or the NHS medical Form is sufficient cover. This is not the case and you should ask the company or Hospital administrators who are to perform the surgery what type of cover you should take out to cover you for the treatment you are electing to receive (NB. The ACS Travel Insurance will NOT cover you for the planned surgery or treatment you are travelling for, see below* INFORMATION ON ACS TRAVEL INSURANCE. If you are tempted to avoid buying private health insurance by lying or failing to disclose that you are travelling to have any medical treatment then be warned that most travel insurance companies use claims services which may refuse claims if their terms and conditions have not been met in full. Failure to reveal relevant information can invalidate the policy, or render it worthless and expose the claimant to criminal liability and the insurers could then instigate a criminal or civil charge against you. Also be aware that the vast majority of private medical insurance policies held by UK people do not cover for treatment outside the country. Another complication is that International private medical insurance to cover expatriates, may cover treatment in several countries, but is mostly not designed for planned medical treatment outside the country where the person normally lives. Very few of the insurance policies cover travel expenses or accommodation of planned non-emergency treatment in another country, furthermore if overseas treatment is for an existing problem then many health insurance policies exclude pre-existing and existing conditions. Many Policies may also have specific exclusions such as:-
    Cosmetic procedures
    Non-emergency dental treatment
    Pre-existing medical conditions
    Attendance at any hospital in last 12 months
    Anticipation of any treatment or investigations or treatment in the future
    Being on the waiting list for in-patient or day-patient treatment
    Travelling against medical advice
INFORMATION ON ACS TRAVEL INSURANCE With ACS Travel Insurance you will be covered for:
    Repatriation / Assistance
    Civil liability
    Medical expenses up to a max of
*Please note : Only expenses incurred further to an accident during your stay abroad are guaranteed. The medical expenses resulting from planned treatments or elective surgery, mainly including those linked to obesity, as well as bariatric surgery, its complications or consequences are excluded.

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