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Why should you consider weight loss surgery in France?

You will be treated as a “Private Patient” at the Hospital Jacques Monod in Le-Havre Northern France, which is the largest (French NHS) Hospital in France. The Hospital has over 2000 Beds, all in Private rooms, with Bathrooms en-suite. The Hospital has 12 Operating Theatres, which are all fully equipped with the latest technology and Equipment to ensure fast efficient surgical procedures. Hospital Jacques Monod in Le Havre France •Modern, fully equipped medical facilities • Highly experienced surgeons fully qualified bariatric surgeons. • Equal or even better quality service than offered in the UK • Shorter waiting time, book now, have your surgery in approx two weeks ! • English-speaking medical staff • Huge savings – save up to 50% when compared to UK prices • 24/7 personal assistance, each client has a personal contact to assist at all stages.
It is a requirement in Law at all Hospitals in France that all prospects are made aware of any elements of risks associated with surgery, therefore ALL patients seeking bariatric surgery must undergo a consultation and full medical examination by the Surgeon who will perform the operation. In addition there is a legal requirement for a cardiology test, a blood test, any other relevant tests dependent on the surgical procedure, and all prospects must have a consultation with an Anesthetist at least 48 hours prior to any surgical procedure. This 48 hour period is a Legal requirement to allow for test results to be completed, and as a safeguard for the patient to consider their options and give final consent for the surgery.

Where to Find Us:-

Laser Clinic (France) Ltd is a management company authorised by the Administration Dept of Hospital Jacques Monod in Le Havre France to manage Private Clients exclusively from the UK and the Irish Republic.
Hospital entrance Hospital Main Entrance
entrance hall for Hospital Entrance hall of Hospital
lifts to all levels of Hospital lifts To All levels of Hospital
Bariatric surgery Hospital reception hall Bariatric surgery Reception Hall
Your contact in France . . . Your exclusive contact in France will be with “Laser Clinic (France) Ltd” which is a management service company operating from its regional offices in Calais France by Senior Coordinator Mrs. Tullia Law. The Company (Laser Clinic (France) Ltd), will liaise between private patients from the UK and The Irish Republic on all matters between the appropriate Hospital, Surgeon, Consultant, aftercare provider, and each client pertaining to the management of their case. Mrs Law and her team can be contacted 24/7 at anytime by :- telephone on 0033 686567031 or by E mail to frenchcosmeticsurgery@gmail.com The Hospital is situated close to all amenities in Le-Havre which affords easy access by air, road/ferry, or railway services. We advise on all suitable travel arrangements and organise local taxi transportation between your 4 star Hotel and the Hospital and return trips. see our “where to find us” above for details of the Hospital location. Laser Clinic (France) Ltd can arrange a completely tailored package for you, full details of the packages can be found on the webpages specific to each relevant package as these vary depending upon the surgery undertaken.
Our team of English-speaking staff based in France can arrange everything for you, and will assist in the completion of all necessary documents for the consultations and operations. Your appointed surgeons will advice on the best procedure for your operation. Where overnight stays at the Hospital are required then your stay will be as a private patient in comfortable accommodation with full facilities. In most cases the operations will be conducted the following morning after your initial consultations. Most surgeries require one or two nights at the Hospital post surgery in a private room followed by one further night at a local Hotel during which time one of the surgeons will visit you to ensure that the Surgeons are happy that you are able to travel comfortably and safely. Before you leave you will be given any medication needed, a letter of referral for your own GP at home, a recommended diet plan, a lifestyle and fitness plan, plus any post operative information you may require to ensure a complete and safe recovery. If you wish to remain in France for a few days following the operation for a short break or holiday, our team will be able advice you on local amenities and activities and can help with accommodation and travel
The company and people behind the Service .
GastricBandFrance.co.uk is owned and managed by :-
Laser Clinic (France) Ltd.
286B Chase Road
Phone: 0033 686567031
Company Registration Number: 05996666
Laser Clinic (France) Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Firm Ref No. 625160
You can confirm our registration on the FCA’s website www.fca.org.uk or by contacting the FCA on 0800 1116768

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