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Compare Best Cost Bariatric Surgery Abroad gastric sleeve surgery in France Weight Loss Done AffordablyBased on Cdc, 2/3 of U . s . States grown ups are obese or overweight. This really is rapidly just as one epidemic in most areas around the globe. With this particular just as one growing problem around the world, other health issues have become more endemic, for example, diabetes, coronary disease, bone and joint disorders and a few cancers. Our kids are facing a harsh reality their life time might be cut short because of weight problems. Medicine is failing at its tries to fix this continuously growing problem.See all tales about this subject Read more…

Quick Weight Loss Advice To Easily Reach Great Success

Compare Cost of Adjustable Gastric band Surgery In Europe Medical Financial loans to lose weight surgery Rapid Loss Of Weight Advice To Simply Achieve Positive ResultsLooking for rapid weight loss tips? Everybody wants to feel and look better, as well as wonderful individuals weight loss methods which are turning up, it’s a bigger factor than ever before that you simply look the very best solution.See all tales about this subject Read more…

Bariatric surgery reverses premature ageing

Compare Affordable Bariatric Surgery in France Medical Financial loans to lose weight surgery Wls reverses premature ageingWeight reduction which comes about because of wls may turn back premature ageing that’s associated with weight problems, new research indicates.See all tales about this subject Read more…

Gastric Band offer from French Hospital to help UK NHS Save Money

Private Weight Loss Surgery at the Hospital Jaques Monod in Le-Havre in Normandie, Northern France.

For several Years Laser Clinic (France) Ltd, which is a UK Registered Company, have carried out Bariatric surgery for UK and Irish patients for various weight loss surgery procedures, including Gastric Band, Gastric Bypass, Mini Bypass and Gastric Sleeve surgery, all of whom have been very successful with the procedure chosen, and many of those previous patients have been happy to write testimonials and reviews about their experience on our extensive website. On the website you will be able to learn about the services which we provide details of the Hospital, and read reviews and testimonials from past patients along with photos of before and after surgery, which illustrates the benefits and amazing changes, not only physical but also the psychological changes which are tremendous. The testimonials also help others who are procrastinating about undertaking such surgery to make the right decision about not only the weight loss benefits, but also the vast improvements to their general health which bariatric surgery can provide. We know the frustration and anxiety which can be caused to those overweight and obese patients from the UK, many of whom spend long periods of time on waiting list for surgery due to the budget restraints which many NHS Hospitals and Commissioning Bodies are subjected to in the current economic climate. We also understand that whilst on waiting lists for bariatric surgery many of these patients have great difficulty with keeping up with their diets and medication regimes which further frustrates the Practitioners and patients alike. This waiting time causes additional cost to the NHS in the long term due to the extended cost of medications, Doctors consultations and hospital administration cost managing patients. From our research on bariatric surgery in the UK we believe that most Commissioning bodies do not even consider patients suitable for bariatric surgery until their BMI is at least 40, whilst the Hospital in France is able to provide bariatric surgery with a BMI reading of only 30. We also believe that the costs for private Surgery in the UK to be on average between £6,000 and £12,000 per surgery. As an example of potential savings for a Gastric Sleeve, Mini By Pass or Bypass, the cost to private patients in France for our fully exclusive package, (excluding travel), is £5500-£6000 sterling, Laser Clinic (France) Ltd could provide these packages to the NHS within the EU Treaty with considerable saving for the NHS in the Long term! As an added bonus to these savings Laser Clinic (France) Ltd allow patients to travel with a companion/spouse to stay with them at the 4 star Hotel accommodation which is for 2 persons Bed & Breakfast. Also when they are in the Hospital for 2 nights for the surgery the patients stay in a private room with en-suite bathroom, and whoever accompanies them can also stay in the same hospital bedroom at no extra cost!! We believe many UK Patients would consider Bariatric surgery privately or partly funded surgery between the patient and the NHS rather than having to wait until they (the Patient) met the higher requirement to qualify for bariatric surgery funding by the NHS. If you compare the savings to the NHS of funding surgery in France 1 or 2 years earlier for 50% less than the NHS can, the overall savings would be infinitely greater because of the fact the patient will already have lost a substantial amount of weight post surgery and be much healthier sooner, which is a substantial benefit to the NHS funds and the Patients long term wellbeing. The waiting time with Laser Clinic (France) Ltd, from the moment we receive their initial enquiry to the time of treatment is on average between 4 to 8 weeks. Immediately after a patient has applied for information we need to speak to the patient briefly in order to ask a few general medical questions. For patients who choose to have their surgery privately, the patient is required to pay in full for the surgery in advance in order to reserve a surgery date Following Surgery and upon returning to the UK following surgery some patients may under certain circumstances apply to their Local NHS trust commissioning body to apply for refund of the Surgery costs under the current EU Treaty agreements. These options are available to all UK NHS Trust managers and Commissioning Body Managers and could be a way for the UK to reduce costs of healthcare management and Obesity Surgery in the UK. *“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person

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How To Lose Weight In Three Days

Compare Cost of Wls In Europe Best Cost gastric bypass surgery Lose Weight Fast In 72 HoursSince the eighties, the 3-day weight loss program continues to be very popular. Though nobody knows the precise origin of the diet, it is among the most widely used ways through which people lose weight quickly. Exactly why the dietary plan attracts lots of people happens because there’s no lengthy-term commitment.See all tales about this subject Read more…

'I'm having a second gastric band' – Lincolnshire woman who could not stop snacking

Compare Cheapest Cost Bariatric Surgery in France Best Cost gastric bypass surgery &#039I&#039m getting another gastric band&#039 – Lincolnshire lady who couldn’t stop snackingA Lincolnshire lady is planning to possess a second gastric band operation after … “I had been cautioned by doctors which i may not reach 30,” she stated.See all tales about this subject Read more…

Want To Diet? Here's 5 Tips To Do It Safely

Compare Cheapest Cost Gastric Band Surgery in France gastric sleeve surgery in France Wish To Diet? Here&#039s 5 Tips To Get It Done SecurelyDieting is a debatable problem for lengthy. Even though many see it as a fast fix if you’re searching to reduce some serious weight and get healthy as rapidly as you possibly can, others are usually quite cynical concerning the routine. It is because diets are frequently connected with short-term results. Dieters complain the pounds creep in when you step from the diet limitations. To include, many experience negative effects because of drastic alterations in their diet program habits.See all tales about this subject Read more…