Sheila Lost 35 Kgs in 1 year after Gastric Sleeve Surgery in France

Sheila Lost 35 Kg in one year with Gastric Sleeve Surgery in France

Sheila L before gastric Sleeve surgery in France in 2015

Before Surgery in 2015

Sheila L has lost 35 Kg in one year after her gastric sleeve surgery in France

Sheila L one year after in 2016

Sheila L Gastric Sleeve surgery in Feb 2015

Sheila sent in this Gastric Sleeve Testimonial Update in Feb 2016

Well it has now been a year since my Gastric Sleeve Surgery and I have to say that my life is so different. Thanks to Laser Clinic looking after me so well during this year, I have now lost a total of 35 kilos (77 lbs or 5 1/2 Stn). Although this may have been slower than most people, I am more than happy with my weight loss. The support they give before, during, and after is exceptional. I have been able to message Tullia anytime and she has always replied quickly, either by message or phone call. I had the opportunity to talk to the BBC in November 2015 to give a testimonial as to why I decided on a gastric sleeve and how I am now. This was a fantastic opportunity to let people know just how much I have enjoyed the last year and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laser Clinic to anyone.
Sheila went on to say,  “I can now do a lot more activities with my family and I also have the confidence to go out in public. I am still getting used to buying smaller size clothes, but it is a good feeling. It’s quite strange that it takes a while to stop myself automatically going to the bigger size clothes when shopping” ! I am in the process of setting up a gym in my house I currently have a treadmill, vibe plate, exercise mat, mini trampoline, gym ball, so I will be able to increase my exercise without the cost of monthly fees to a gym (as they can be quite expensive). My family encourage the exercise as they are also using the gym, so good move for everyone. I walked to work one morning which is 3.5 miles and hope (once the weather is better) to be walking home from work at least once a week (time allowing). I just wouldn’t have been able to do any of this a year ago.
Not only has my shape and weight changed but also my outlook on life, which should now be a lot longer thanks to having the Gastric Sleeve. Thanks for all of your help Tullia Sheila L full details available on request. *“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person

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If You are Fat, Big, Humongous We reveal Weight Loss Surgery Options

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Fat, big, humongous, huge.

It goes by different terms but it basically refers to one and the same thing Obesity. What is obesity? OK, we know this term has been around for quite a significant period of time for everyone not to know what it is. But what we are looking for is the meaning of obesity in the framework of our present-day society. How does our society look at obesity and how it affects the lives, thinking and attitude of obese people? Obesity, in simple terms means having too much body fat, Period. We can take on more scientific definitions like an abnormal accumulation of body fat, or a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher, but it still boils down to one simple meaning. In most cases, it means having too much body fat. When we talk about obesity, we are not simply referring to someone whose weight is about 10 lbs. more than his ideal weight based on his/her height. Normally, a 10 to 20 lb. difference between ideal weights as against the current weight qualifies someone as overweight yet not obese. When we talk about being obese, we are talking about excessive baggage of 30 lbs. or more. The most common way of determining obesity is via the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation. This method follows a certain formula wherein the body’s weight in kilograms is divided by the square of the body’s height in meters. If your BMI exceeds 30, you are automatically considered obese and if it breaks the 40 point mark, then you are someone called morbidly obese. Another important aspect that we need to focus to be able to understand obesity is the influence of society in its prevalence. And we are talking here about society in general and not just the people in it. Society is not just about its people alone. You have the system and the structure in itself though people comprise more than half of its existence. More importantly the education system needs to extend its efforts in battling obesity from within the classroom up to the nutritional values that each state public school canteens are selling to our students. More than what we are teaching these students, the things that they consume in those canteens would eventually decide how these students would aesthetically grow. It doesn’t make sense if we continue telling these young people to shun away from fatty, unhealthy foods when all they see and find on our campus cafeterias are the exact same thing we ask them to avoid.
Oliver Brendan Greene website, tells his story of gaining and losing weight. It conveys the ideas and measures that were needed to overcome the menace of being fat, obese or overweight. His mental attitude and zest for life will inspire anyone in their own fight against the menace of obesity

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Body and Soul: Psychological Reasons for Obesity

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Body and Soul: Psychological Reasons for Obesity

Miraculous diets can help you to lose weight… for some time. After one month of painful sacrifice you finally unlock the fridge and fill it up with all the yummy groceries you used to enjoy before. You are back in your routine, back in your habits – and back on your unwanted weight. The idea of staying on such a diet forever to keep your body in preferred shape is obviously freaky. You don’t want to eat what someone else orders you to eat. You want to eat what YOUR body asks for. It’s pretty natural. Therefore the only way how to lose weight with permanent effect would be to teach your body to ask for healthy food. And if we want to change the body’s preferences, we need to start at it’s management point – our mind. The correlation between body and mind belongs to the main pillars of alternative medicine. Theoretically, if we resolve the problem residing in our soul, that psychological issue that forces us to eat abnormal doses of unhealthy food, we should be able to change our eating habits once forever with a smile – and be happier, healthier and more satisfied with ourselves. What kind of psychological issue are we talking about? Well, it probably varies from person to person. Everybody has a unique personality and unique life journey. We can just try to have a closer look at five most common categories. FILLING THE EMPTINESS If we consider the food to be a drug that substitutes something we are missing in our life we can compare it to the classic drug addict problem. Instead of seeing exciting points of life and focusing on relationships, carrier or hobbies, drug addicts put themselves under an exciting feeling the drug brings them, escaping from daily routine, escaping from responsibility to solve problems, escaping from real life. We sometimes hear overweight people complaining: “This skinny woman tells me she forgot to eat. How can you forget something like that? I forget my phone at home, I forget to organize a meeting, but I would never ever forget to have my meal!” But it is not actually that difficult to forget to eat if you are busy with something that really overwhelms your mind. If you focus on something that keeps your brain occupied, if you are doing something you believe it’s worth doing. At that moment you naturally don’t think about food… until your stomach makes you realize you are seriously hungry. In other words, you need to discover an activity that will help you to fill the life with something more meaningful than just burger and chips. STRESS RELIEVE Take the opposite extreme – if you are busy TOO MUCH but your activities are not making you happy at all. You don’t follow your daily routine with passion, you just do things because you HAVE TO. They chase you at work to your limits, you have never break, you are starving but no time to eat, then it’s still shopping, screaming kids, demanding husband/wife and when it’s finally quiet and everybody is sleeping, you watch your favorite TV show till one o’clock… and here comes your time. To calm down and relax, to forget there is another morning coming, you attack the fridge in attempt to get all the stress off your shoulders and to feel satisfied at least for that half an hour. Here we need to look for the stress factors that are causing your overall frustration. Changes will be needed in your every day life. You will have to learn how to satisfy other needs and desires, apart of the stomach ones. LACK OF CARE Alternative medicine usually claims it is a certain emotional problem that’s causing obesity. For more detailed explanation we will have to make a little journey into the deepest layer of our psyche and try to figure out the meaning of “food” in the archetypal symbolism. Everybody needs to eat in order to survive, therefore “food” is a significant part of collective Unconscious, an archetype every single person alive needs to deal with. We receive the first food just after we are born – it is usually our mother who supplies us with the very first feed. The taste of the first food comes along with the first mother’s touch and it takes an essential role in creating bond. The silent message of every nurturing mother can be basically expressed as: “I love you, I take care of you, I feed you.” The duty to prepare the food for the family was traditionally assigned to the mother – in traditional society the father had to make sure there was enough money to obtain groceries but the mother was the one who physically cooked the meal and served it on the family table. Is it just coincidence that our western population became so obese in decades when women started working full time, concentrating on their carrier and losing time to plan a proper family menu? And it can’t be just the plain replacement of home made meal with fast food – one slice of pizza or one burger won’t make you fat. The weight gets picked up with overfeeding and addiction to junk food. Why do we have such a need to eat, eat and eat like if our stomach got never satisfied with its content? Well, maybe because our body is not satisfied with the nature of the food we are accepting – and that’s why we still stay “hungry”. There is something about making food. Specially, there is something about making food FOR SOMEONE. Many people would say: “If I am at home alone, I don’t cook. Why should I cook for myself?” When your family leaves for a weekend and you have to stay at home alone, you will probably open a can of baked beans, toast two slices of bread and you are done. But if you are preparing meal for your loved ones or for friends that come to visit you play with the food way more – to make sure they enjoy it. And what can give a chef bigger pleasure than watching people enjoying his meal? The message “I made a nice meal for you because I like you and I care about you” is still there, although we don’t realize it. If we cook with love and our food is accepted with joy we are exchanging important feelings and strengthening bond between each other. If the bond gets holes and starts breaking up our subconscious believes we can repair it with eating. But in fact, we are not hungry for food. We are hungry for that emotional connection we are missing in our relationships. PATCH ON SORE HEART This category is also about feelings, however in this case we are talking about overfeeding that follows a heart breaking event in our life, usually a break up. Like if we believed that sweet taste could balance the bitterness we feel inside. Only solution is to overcome the past, avoid sorry feelings for yourself and open the mind and heart to something new. FEELING GUILTY This happens mostly to the loving parents that are trying to give their children the best they can. There wouldn’t be anything wrong with that – if they were also able to treat themselves in the same way. Did you ever hear yourself saying: “I am not gonna eat this mango. I rather keep it for my little one. It’s so healthy. But I am hungry, so I can finish this box of cookies instead.” Why are we trying to teach our kids to eat healthy but when it comes to our own diet we stuff our bodies with a complete junk? “That’s too good for me” or “I don’t deserve this” or maybe even “I don’t need to eat healthy any more, my body is old anyway, will go to the grave soon.” These statements have something to do with our self-evaluation and self-esteem. We want our children to learn how to look after themselves to live a long, healthy life while we deny our own drive to stay healthy and live long. We would feel guilty if we ate something healthy that could be useful to somebody else instead. We can track a link to the situations when we eat all the leftovers as we would feel guilty if we threw them to the bin. We don’t realize that all the excessive food our body doesn’t need is going to waste anyway. By eating it we just change ourselves into some kind of alive trash cans. Solution? Love yourself and look after yourself – from inside and outside – so that you are not teaching your children something you actually never do. At the end, you want to be a good example to them, don’t you?
Visit, a blog for everybody who likes to think about life and its meaning. Articles about astrology, health and relationships. Free birth chart calculation. Option to po
Read more…

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Laparoscopy Devices Market to Exhibit 7.1% CAGR by 2019; Rides on Growing Demand for …

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laparoscopic Devices Market to Exhibit 7.1% CAGR by 2019; Rides on Growing Demand for Minimally Invasive Surgeries: Transparency Market Research Transparency Market Research has published a new report titled “Laparoscopy Devices Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast – 2019” /EIN News/ — Albany, NY, Feb. 16, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Transparency Market Research presents a new market study on the global laparoscopic devices market that discusses the market’s progress for the 2013-2019 period. The report, titled “Laparoscopy Devices Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 – 2019,” is available for sale on the company website.The report states that the global laparoscopic devices market was worth US$7.5 bn in 2012. Developing at a CAGR of 7.1% from 2013 to 2019, the market is expected to be worth US$12.3 bn by 2019. Due to the growing concerns about the prevalence of morbid obesity and a large population with abnormally high body weight, bariatric procedures are becoming a commonality. laparoscopic devices are used for many of these procedures for successful results. In the coming years, obesity is projected to be even more prevalent and will necessitate correction surgeries such as bariatric surgeries. These surgeries will account for the largest application of laparoscopic devices, says TMR. Faster recovery and reduced hospital stay are the other advantages of laparoscopic devices for bariatric surgeries. Get a PDF Brochure of Market Study on laparoscopic Devices Market at Generally, the use of laparoscopic devices enables higher precision, which is why these devices are increasingly becoming an integral part of operation units. An increasing number of cholecystectomy procedures that are carried out worldwide is also significantly contributing to the growth of the global market for laparoscopic devices. However, the growth of this market is restrained due to a few reasons. laparoscopic devices are associated with side effects, resulting in wariness among patients about treatments that involve such devices. Carbon dioxide emissions and rapid advancement of technology leading to products becoming obsolete in no time are also slowing the adoption of newer devices. With the introduction of innovative-technology-based laparoscopic devices, high-definition three chip systems and high-definition cameras are the latest additions to the laparoscopic devices market. With more developments expected in the coming years, the global laparoscopic devices market will be benefitted. The global laparoscopic devices market is divided on the basis of application, equipment, and geography. Wound protector laparoscopic, internal closure devices, trocars, energy systems, gastric band, irrigation system, insufflation devices, hand-assist devices, and sample retrieval bag are the equipment segments of the market. Browse Market Research Report with Complete TOC at General surgery, colorectal surgeries, gynecological surgeries, bariatric surgery, and urological surgeries are the segments of the market based on application. Of these, general surgery dominates the market; however, bariatric surgery will register the fastest growth during the forecast period closely followed by colorectal surgery. An increasing preference for laparoscopic surgeries in place of open colectomy, which involves a larger incision, for the treatment of colorectal cancer is driving demand for laparoscopy devices for these surgeries. Read more…

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The Obesity Rate in London

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The Obesity Rate in London

Like many of the other countries in the world, the United Kingdom is severely affected by obesity. The modern, some say self-induced, illness of the 21st century affects children and adults in equal measure and the medical world points out that there is more danger to obesity than we like to think. More worryingly, the fight against this problem involves many strategies and considerable physical and mental effort. Those who suffer from it have to find gyms, talk to a nutritionist and have regular blood tests to monitor their health. The United Kingdom currently ranks 28th on the list of countries affected by obesity and scientists do not have good news either: in ten years, the rate is expected to grow considerably and a third of the population could be mortally obese. What is worse, children are the most affected by this. The situation is more serious in London than in the rest of the country and some associate the rise in obesity levels with the huge number of fast food restaurants and the busy, chaotic lifestyle. In London, a fifth of the children are obese and dealing with their health costs the state approximately £7m per year. It is not surprising that children who are obese at the age of four or five are also obese at eleven and then they grow up to be obese adults. Statistics show that in London the most affected are people living in the suburbs, mainly Westminster, Newham and Southwark. There is no clear evidence to indicate to show that specific ethnic groups are more prone to obesity than others, but a connection has been made between obesity and poverty rates. The most worrying situation is in Hillingdon, where no less than 67% of adults are obese and suffer from adjacent illnesses, such as type II diabetes or heart disease. The figures are worrying, especially considering that 25 years ago they were four times lower. London can be considered one of Europe’s extremes, with an average obesity rate that is much higher than the EU average. As a results, steps are being made to decrease the rates as much as possible. From awareness campaigns to changes in the local legislation, London residents are being publicly encouraged to switch to a healthier lifestyle. The number of London gyms is increasing and there are frequent membership discounts to attract people. In addition, famous chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey started campaigns in schools to eliminate unhealthy foods. It is still too early to tell whether or not their efforts actually worked, but one thing is for sure: people now know what dangers obesity brings and are not as blind as they were about a decade ago. London officials have many ideas as to how obesity can be prevented. According to the official chairman of the Health Committee, James Cleverly, there are several future projects aimed at the British capital and most of them focus on children and the education in schools. Whether they will reach their purpose, it cannot be said yet, but one thing is for sure: it is now easier than ever to find gyms in London and get healthy nutritional advice and patients who want to lose weight can find many professionals to help them. To find gymsg and learn more about London gyms, you can review these links. Article Source: Read more…

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‘What’s your advice for women?’ – Kiwi’s 86kg weightloss revealed on show with Tyra Banks

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gastric sleeve surgery in France

‘What’s your advice for women?’ –

Kiwi’s 86 kg weight-loss revealed on show with Tyra Banks

A Kiwi woman who lost 86 kg has appeared on an US entertainment television show with model Tyra Banks to talk about her amazing body transformation.
Less than a year ago Simone Anderson Pretscherer weighed 169 kg, before she made the decision to change to a healthier lifestyle.
She publicly updated her progress on social media, as she dropped to 86 kg with the help of a good diet, exercise, and gastric band surgery.
However, social media users were quick to doubt her radical change, many calling the photos “fake”, before she posted images of her excess skin.
Six days after having tummy tuck surgery to remove excess skin, she was a guest on FabLife and said the reason for documenting her weight loss online was to keep her accountable, but the amount of hate she got was “overwhelming”.
“Where do you think that hate came from? Jealous, or true disbelief?” Banks asked.
“I think a mixture of both … people really couldn’t believe it was the same person, and in that sense it was quite a compliment for me. But in another it really hurt because I had worked really hard and they were trying to bring me down.”
She said as a makeup artist she felt social pressure to be more like the “stick figure models” she was working with.
“No matter what they try to say to you, you can overcome it.”
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Bride-to-be has weight loss surgery to get dream body for her wedding

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Bride-to-be has the perfect body for her dream wedding after shedding EIGHT STONE and splashing out £12,000 on gastric band weight loss surgery and breast implants

  • Chantelle Harris, 29, from Warwickshire, underwent breast augmentation
  • Former 21st stone woman lost 8st and breasts dramatically shrank
  • One month later, Chantelle met her now fiancé, who proposed last year
  • Now she’s body confident after spending £12,000 and is set to wed in April

A bride-to-be who spent £12,000 on plastic surgery finally has the perfect body for her dream wedding.

Chantelle Harris, 29, from Bedworth, Warwickshire, underwent a breast augmentation after she dropped eight stone – something that caused her breasts to dramatically shrink.

At her heaviest, the cosmetics supplier weighed 21st and after failing every diet, she decided she needed a £6,000 gastric band to beat the bulge

One month later, Chantelle met her now fiancé, Marlon Powell, 30, who proposed last year.

But she refused to walk down the aisle without having a breast augmentation after her dramatic 8st weight loss had caused her breasts to drop from a G to a C-cup.

Seven months ago, Chantelle, forked out another £6,000 for size E breast implants – now she’s body confident after spending £12,000 and is set to wed in April.

Chantelle said: ‘I needed the gastric band to help me lose weight as I had failed countless times with different diet plans.

‘After losing 8st I felt great; I was fitter, not sluggish any more and could feel the difference in every aspect of my life.

At her heaviest, the cosmetics supplier weighed 21st and after failing every diet, she decided she needed a £6,000 gastric band to beat the bulge. Above, Chantelle at her biggest before she vowed to make the change

‘My only problem was that my breasts had lost a lot of their volume and I’d gone down five cup sizes.

‘It left me feeling unhappy as there was nothing I wanted more than to look amazing on my wedding day.

‘I wanted to have the option not to wear a bra on my big day and for me it was the way to complete my amazing transformation.

‘After my initial gastric band surgery I felt great but there was one last thing that I wanted to resolve about myself – now I feel incredible and can’t wait to get married.

‘What took me aback was that before, most people would see my size before anything else, but not my fiancé, Marlon, he didn’t even think I was big enough to have a gastric band.

‘Before my breast surgery he told me that he only wanted me to have the surgery if I was doing it for myself and no one else – he didn’t mind whether I had it or not.

‘I’m so glad I did as I’ve gained all of my confidence back and feel so much happier now.’

Chantelle decided to have her first surgery five years ago after struggling to lose weight through dieting and seeing a friend’s success with the gastric band.

By 2011 she had lost 5st due to eating smaller portions and getting a personal trainer.

She said: ‘I think a lot of people forget that after a gastric band you don’t wake up skinny because that’s the start of your journey – but it’s completely worth it.

‘After the weight started to drop off I found I had so much more energy and was all the more confident.

‘At first it was difficult understanding the limitations of the gastric band and sometimes meant a lot of my dinners went cold before I could finish them.

‘However it’s been completely worth it and I feel incredible.’

Now seven months after her operation Chantelle has fully recovered and is planning for her wedding in April next year.
After Gastric band surgery

After gastric band Surgery

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UAE patients opt for the knife to lose weight

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compare best price gastric band surgery

UAE patients opt for the knife to lose weight ABU DHABI //

Among UAE residents, Emiratis are the most likely to opt for invasive surgical procedures to lose weight, according to doctors. As many as three out of four procedures were requested by Emiratis, they said. But one such patient said that people should be aware of how weight-loss surgeries would affect their lives physically and psychologically. The gastric band system, gastric sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass are some of the most popular procedures, all of which are performed through making small cuts in the abdomen. Dr Ayman Shaker Soliman, consultant of minimal invasive surgeries at NMC Specialty Hospital in Abu Dhabi, said Emiratis made up about 60 per cent of his patients. “We are seeing about three to four patients per day and we do four to six such procedures per week,” said Dr Soliman. “We see people who have neglected their obesity until they have another disease causing a complication. They could be diabetic or suffering from hypertension and high cholesterol.” Patients are usually eligible for bariatric gastric band surgery, gastric bypass or gastric sleeve if they have body mass indices above 35, weigh 60 to 100 pounds more than their estimated ideal weights, or suffer from obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, reflux disease or sleep apnoea. Bariatric surgical procedures cause weight loss by restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold. The body mass index is a way to measure obesity by comparing someone’s height and weight against the ratios ideal for them. Obese people also may have tried non-surgical weight-loss methods without success. Dr Andrew Jenkinson, a consultant laparoscopic and obesity surgeon at American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in Dubai, said Emiratis and Arabs from the GCC made up 75 per cent of his weight-loss patients. “Eighty per cent of the patients undergoing these procedures are women,” he said.

For a Gastric band

For the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band procedure, the band is placed around the upper part of the stomach. It divides the stomach into a small pouch above the gastric band and a larger one below it, limiting the amount of food that the patient can eat. A gastric sleeve gastrectomy uses staples to divide the stomach into two sections. About 85 to 90 per cent of the stomach is permanently removed, reducing the amount of food patients need to feel full. In a gastric bypass, a small stomach pouch of 15 to 20 cubic centimetres is created. The rest of the stomach is stapled shut. These surgeries present a 3 per cent chance of complications but they can be treated successfully with “appropriate and prompt” treatment, according to Dr Jenkinson. “The long-term problem with these procedures, particularly the sleeve gastrectomy, is weight regain in 10 to 20 per cent of patients,” he said. Faisal, a 40-year-old Emirati who manages a doctor’s office, said his cardiologist advised him to have a gastric bypass because of his weight. He had his first heart attack when he was 28 and suffered two more by 38. “My decision had nothing to do with aesthetics. Being overweight added the problems of cholesterol and diabetes,” said Faisal. “I opted for the gastric bypass, as it cures diabetes. And within a week after my operation, the diabetes was gone.” Faisal, who was 116 kilograms two years ago, is now 72kg. But the aftermath of the operation was bittersweet, he said. “I did not like the idea of an invasive surgery, although I like the fact that I can fit into a medium-size shirt, whereas earlier I would be looking for a double XL,” he said. People who opt for invasive weight-loss surgeries should understand the side effects and post-operation requirements, Faisal said. “With a gastric bypass, you have to be aware of nutritional deficiencies and you have to take injections of vitamin B12 every month. And you need to take supplements and keep track of how much weight you have lost,” he said. The effects of such surgeries can also be psychological. “When people do these operations they don’t understand you come to a point when you need to eat certain foods high in protein. People need to be aware of the fact that you will have mood changes,” he said. Read more…

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Weight Loss Surgery May Weaken Bones, study shows

Lowest Price Weight Loss surgery in France

Lowest price Gastric Bypass in Europe

(Reuters Health) – – Certain types of weight loss surgery may weaken bones, increasing the risk of breaks, according to a recent study from Taiwan. Weight loss procedures like gastric bypass help obese patients lose weight by reducing the amount of food the body takes in. But many nutrients are also lost when patients undergo these surgeries, senior study author Dr. Kuo-Chin Huang of the College of Medicine at National Taiwan University in Taipei told Reuters Health. “The commonly lost nutrients are vitamin D and calcium, which are related to the development of osteoporosis,” Huang said by email. “And maybe there are other mechanisms associated with the development of fracture.” In the last decade, the use of bariatric surgery – techniques that either shrink the stomach, or bypass parts of the digestive tract – has increased seven-fold, Huang and his colleagues write in the journal Medicine. Past research has already suggested that the procedure brings an increased risk of bone fractures, they note. In a national insurance database, the study team identified 2,064 patients who underwent bariatric surgery between 2001 and 2009, and compared them with 5,027 similarly obese patients who did not have the surgeries. Overall, people who had weight loss surgery had a 21 percent higher risk of breaking a bone in the next five years. But the added risk was most pronounced among people who underwent “malabsorption” procedures – the kind that prevent food from being absorbed, such as gastric bypass. They were 47 percent more likely to experience a fracture during 12 years of follow-up compared to those who did not have surgery. Taking into account whether the bariatric surgery was of this malabsorption type or just restricted the total amount of food someone could consume at once, such as gastric banding, the researchers found no increase in bone fracture risk among patients who had the restrictive type surgeries. Bariatric surgeries can reduce and reverse diseases such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension, Huang said. “Therefore, the benefits should outweigh the potential risks if people know how to prevent or decrease the fracture risk.” The first thing surgical patients should do is take nutrients like vitamin D and calcium supplements, he said. “Second, sun exposure and exercise can help them from risk for osteoporosis,” Huang said. “Lastly, they should perform some balance training to prevent falls.” It would be helpful to know more about the patients, such as pre- and post-surgery weight, and supplements they’re taking, said Dr. Andrew Duffy, director of bariatric and metabolic surgery in Connecticut’s Yale-New Haven Health System, who was not involved in the study. Duffy noted that the fracture increases seen in the study group were mostly in the long bones of the arms and legs, rather than hip or spinal fractures and other types of breaks more typical of osteoporosis. “They didn’t provide this explanation, but if you are seeing more … leg fractures and stuff in patients that had bariatric surgery, I would argue this might actually be a result of the fact that these patients are exercising more – maybe they had fallen off their bicycles when they are trying to lose weight,” he said. Duffy said that patients who lose 100 or 200 pounds of weight can also lose diabetes and high blood pressure, and life expectancies in younger patients increase, which is a huge benefit. He also expects all obesity patients to have some loss of bone mass. “The reason is, if you are 400 pounds and you are walking around, you are going to need more muscle and you need a stronger skeleton to carry that weight.” If you lose 150 pounds, he said, you are going to lose some bone along with some muscle. “You obviously don’t want it to be a pathologic thing that’s going to set you up for fractures, which is what this paper in particular is addressing,” he said. Duffy said that at Yale, and most other programs, doctors do full lab panels to look for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and have their patients take supplements before and after their procedures. SOURCE: Medicine, online December 15, 2015

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