Thigh cellulite and liposuction

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Thigh cellulite and liposuction

Cellulite is the buildup of free fat cells underneath the skin. When cellulite appears, it shows of the skin and you will appear to be you’ve dimples from the affected areas. Cellulite is an unsightly appearance. It can be seen in the of a lot of women and one thing you will note is the fact that no person wishes to have cellulite on their bodies. Cellulite seems to have many causes also it isn&rsquot just about diet. Some of the factors is not controlled. Fat is not single culprit that triggers this build up beneath our skins. You might have used countless cellulite treatments that exist today, only one that handles the structural issue that’s underneath is surgery.

Cellulite and surgery to remove cellulite

In case you have tested out all sorts of treatments and zilch appears to work, then this is the most effective solution accessible to you. There are numerous surgical treatments which have been introduced today in an attempt to help get rid of cellulite and permit you to enjoy life. The process could be non-surgical where a laser is utilized so as to complete it. You need to be beneath the proper your physician that’s fully qualified in an attempt to complete this process in a safe manner. By making use of surgery, natural skin thickness is improved upon and also this offers you a good healthier and smoother look which lasts quite a long time. This will make managing cellulite a one time thing and incredibly simple as well. The look of cellulite is and might be triggered by weight changes that are dramatic, genetics, hormones as well as aging. Many of the factors above cannot be controlled. Working with these fibrous bands that lie beneath the skin may be the sure way to manage cellulite inside a more permanent manner. Learn More Here..

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The Solution to Obesity

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What are the best Solutions to beat Obesity

Eat smaller portions.

1.Avoid food that contains a lot of fat and carbohydrate (sugar and starch).

2. Exercise more.

It’s as simple as that, so why are more and more people in the developed world becoming obese, with the associated problems with self esteem, mental health, heart disease and diabetes that accompany excess weight. Not to mention increased risk of certain cancers. The sad truth is that too many large, powerful companies base their businesses on encouraging us to eat the foods they produce. The simple business model for any company is that they need to get more and more people to buy their products, so if these companies are to continue to grow and pay their shareholders a healthy dividend, they must sell us more of the foods that will eventually kill us. There is substantial scientific evidence that processed food is addictive. Once you are conditioned to eating food high in fat, sugar and salt, it is very hard to stop. As with any addiction like obesity, you have to have the strength of will to avoid the object of your addiction completely until you have broken its hold. You have to go cold turkey. But the companies selling us the sugary, fatty salty packaged food we find so hard to resist freely advertise their wares, What chance does the consumer stand? Ideally I would like to see higher taxation of fatty, sugary processed food, with the funds raised being used to subsidize healthy and fresh food., making them more affordable. However, this is unlikely to happen as the companies concerned are so powerful. So what can we do?

Awareness is key.

Knowing the odds stacked against us will help us see where the dangers lie. None of the solutions listed below are easy, but all will help in the battle to lose weight.
  • Avoid watching adverts, so you are not tortured by the goodies on offer.
  • Remember that the people selling unhealthy food need to persuade you to buy it. Don’t weaken!
  • Plan meals carefully to be as healthy as possible.
  • Don’t shop for food when you are hungry.
  • Watch portion size, because too much of any food will make you fat.
  • Don’t buy fatty, sugary snacks and drinks. If you don’t have them in the house, it is easier not to eat them on impulse.
  • Make sure you have a good breakfast and lunch, with a smaller evening meal, and don’t snack in between.
  • Keep busy, so you don’t think about eating.
  • Exercise more. Walk and use the stairs. Join a class or club.
  • Try to wait until you are hungry before you eat.
  • Drink plenty of water, as water has no calories and fills you up. In addition, there is evidence that our bodies can mistake feelings of thirst for hunger.
  • Try to cook more meals from scratch at home rather than buying processed food.
  • Don’t expect to lose weight quickly. Don’t weigh yourself too often, and don’t be disheartened if results are slow to begin with.
  • Join a club, or work with a friend or your family to support eat other in your campaign to lose weight.
It is possible to break the addiction to unhealthy food and obesity, but it will take will-power and determination. Obesity is dangerous, dont ignore the dangers, take action and avoid the need for gastric band surgery later. Good luck!
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Best way to lose 15 pounds fast

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If you’re sick and tired with carrying the additional pounds along with you, then the best way to lose weight, 15 pounds in a month is by having proper nutrition and exercises. If you wish to lose 15 lbs fast, you are on the absolute right place. This informative article will provide you with lots of associated with a normal way.

Below are among the ways on how to shed 15 pounds in a month.

Low carbohydrate diet. Stay away from the white flour products like white pasta, white bread and white rice. Just consume foods like brown rice, wholemeal pasta, wholegrain bread and whole grain tortillas. Raw food diet. It’s also wise to consume foods containing raw foods for example fruits, fruit smoothies in the morning and salads for dinner. No sugar. By consuming less sugar your system will store less fat. Once you stop eating sugar, your system will start burning fat. Therefore, stop consuming sugar and begin nutritious diet foods. Healthy fats for losing 15 pounds fast. Research shows you’ll want to consume fat to burn fat. Therefore, you have to eat omega-3 essential fatty acids mostly from dark chocolate, avocado, oil fish, sardines, chia seeds, olive oil and ground flaxseed. Doing Exercises. In addition to consuming the best foods to be able to lose 15 pounds inside a month, you also need to train. This will be relevant since you will be able to burn calories. Besides, you should do the right exercises as a way to shed weight like push-ups, shoulder presses and rows, squats, kettle bell wings and dead lifts. Additionally you need water in your body thus consuming 8 glasses daily will probably be healthy and will allow you to shed weight. Simply range from the above tips and you will get good results. Make them part of your daily routines and you’ll have more energy, shed more weight and get a lean body in general. Therefore, losing 15 pounds inside a month is absolutely a breeze.

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We Reveal How to Overcome Obesity Permenantly

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How to Overcome Obesity

Obesity Is Becoming More Prevalent Every Decade Obesity is becoming more and more prevalent, not just in the United States, but worldwide. Every decade the percentage of our population who is obese increases. For example, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from 1989 to 1997, the prevalence of overweight individuals in China almost tripled in men and doubled in women. Just by looking around on a daily basis, you can see that just as many, if not more, people are overweight than at a healthy weight. Obesity is defined as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of greater than 30kg/m2. In the United States, 65% of Americans are overweight (BMI equal to 25 — 29.9 kg/m2) and of these, 31% are obese according to a study by Dr. Len Kravitz and Obesity Statistics 2015 UK. Over half the population of the United States is overweight! Which means that over half of the population is at an increased risk for numerous diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome, just to name a FEW. With all the fast food and alcohol advertising and marketing gurus putting “healthy” spins on their products, I wouldn’t expect this trend to change any time soon unless something drastic is done. Instead of being fed Happy Meals and fried chicken, we need to be educating our young people about the dangerous effects of being overweight, and also, how to eat healthy (not diet when you feel like losing a few pounds). It shouldn’t stop at our young people either. As a Personal Trainer, I meet at least one person every day who is unsure about nutrition and exercise. With so many “Nutrition Experts” out there, all saying different things about what is healthy and what isn’t, how do you decide? It can definitely be a challenge. Between Dr. Oz, just about every celebrity, and a plethora of different nutritionists and dietitians, it can be tough to really figure out the best plan of action. It is important to try to educate yourself by reading as much has you can about effective exercise and healthy eating (not dieting). In the upcoming parts of this article, I’d like to talk a little more about what causes obesity and makes it such a tough thing to overcome, some effective exercises for combating obesity, and some general guidelines for eating your way out of obesity. An In-Depth Take on Obesity On the most basic level, obesity occurs when your energy input is greater than energy output on a regular basis. If you’re constantly taking in more than you’re putting out, eventually, you’re going to become overweight. That sounds like something simple, but there is more to the obesity problem than that. For some, it can seem like they eat so little, yet never shed any pounds. This is often the result of your body going into starvation mode. It was recently discovered that fat cells do play a part in hormones and sending signals to our brains about hunger and cravings. Two of the primary hormones involved with fat tissue are Leptin and Adiponectin. 1. Leptin – Leptin communicates to the brain how much energy is currently being stored in fat cells. When energy stores are low, leptin supply is slow, which signals to the brain that we need to eat more! Studies show that eating foods high in sugar and fat cause leptin levels to decrease, resulting in our brain thinking we need to eat more food. This can lead to over-eating and obesity. 2. Adiponectin – Adiponectin helps insulin in sending blood glucose into the body’s cells for storage or use as fuel. The presence or absence of these hormones can contribute to weight gain and obesity. With a knowledge of what foods contribute to each of these hormones, you can use your body and your diet to help combat overeating. Another major hormone related to eating is Grehlin. Grehlin is secreted by the stomach and promotes food intake with high levels. High levels of Grehlin are typically found during fasted states. After an overweight individual loses weight, Grehlin levels increase, which can lead to overeating and is often why it is difficult to keep the weight off. Being aware of this fact can help someone who has lost weight realize that their body is adapting to the changes in body composition, and in order to maintain the weight loss, you must maintain a lower level of caloric intake. Fat tissue also produces Cytokines, which are inflammatory proteins. Inflammatory proteins can lead to stroke and heart problems as stated by the National Institute of Health. This explains why those who are overweight are at an increased risk for these health concerns. It has been found that a loss of just 5-10% in weight can lead to healthier levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose metabolism. It is so crucial to start your weight loss journey knowing that you will see positive effects during the beginning stages of your weight loss. With that said, that doesn’t mean you should stop putting in the effort after you do lose that first 5-10%. Considering how easy it can be to regain lost weight, this is why you shouldn’t think of this as “dieting,” rather making a healthy lifestyle change. Road Map on How to Prevent Obesity and Weight Loss 1. Change your diet – For those who are obese and very overweight, changing your diet is probably the most important step at the beginning. While exercise is very important throughout your journey, you’ll see results much faster if you move to a healthier diet. For more tips on nutrition, check the USDA Nutrition Guidelines or check out some articles by Dr. Jade Teta about his favorite fat loss foods. 2. Create an exercise habit – Exercise will be crucial in losing weight and, especially, maintaining that weight loss. Exercise will help you create the calorie deficit you need to help you shed pounds. Also, by increasing your muscle mass, you increase the amount of calories your body burns on a daily basis, which will further help you burn calories and help keep the weight off. When you’re first starting out, you don’t need to kill yourself with “badass” workouts and the hottest fitness trends. Find some form of exercise you enjoy (at least a little bit) and use that to help you create a habit. Leisure walking is a great way to burn fat. It reduces stress, burns a good percentage of fat calories and is low impact. Shoot for 200-300 minutes per week of exercise, whether that is walking, biking, swimming, etc. Once you’ve gotten yourself into an exercise habit, you can start looking at more in depth workout programs and higher intensity exercises. If you’re at that stage now, and you need some exercise suggestions, subscribe to my fitness pipeline below, and I’ll give you some suggestions. 3. Seek outside help – Losing weight can be a challenging task, but it can definitely be done! Consider seeking help from a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, or Dietician. These people are professionals who can guide you through your weight loss journey in a safe, effective manner. If you don’t have the resources available to recruit one of these professionals, reach out to friends, family or colleagues. Work with someone else you know who is overweight, or find people who have gone through a similar weight loss challenge. Let people motivate you and you can help motivate others! This is a small piece of the puzzle in overcoming obesity, but, the direction the world is going, we need to start making changes for the better. The population needs to be educated on the dangerous effects of being overweight and how to overcome obesity and its harmful side effects.
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Why Belly Fat Is The Most Dangerous Body Fat

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Why Belly Fat Is The Most Dangerous Body Fat

No matter what you call it, spare tire, pot belly or beer keg, having excess fat in your abdominal area is not a good thing. As a matter of fact, it presents a very serious danger. Belly fat is not like the fat on other parts of your body. It is far more serious. When you have excess belly fat it increases your risk for things such as: · Sleep apnea · Metabolic syndrome · Diabetes · Cardiovascular disease · Breast cancer The fat that rests between your skin and abdominal wall is known as subcutaneous fat. The next layer of fat, the fat that surrounds your internal organs is known as visceral fat. This type of fat is nothing to play with. It is biologically active and can produce an excess of hormones. Researchers often describe it as an active organ in the body that creates hormones and inflammatory substances. This type of fat turns into fatty acids that can get into the liver and muscle of the body, according to Lewis Kuller, MD, DPH. This type of drainage causes various changes, such as, an increase in bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Along with this reaction, insulin stops being as effective in controlling blood sugars, which, results in insulin resistance. Insulin resistance often leads to Type 2 Diabetes and other conditions such as, heart disease. Belly Fat In Men One of the reasons men are more likely to have heart disease is because they tend to collect more belly fat than women, and, also earlier in life. One study showed that too much of this type of fat in men is a risk for “all-cause mortality”, which means death from any kind of cause. Too much belly fat in men has also been linked to erectile dysfunction in men over age 60. Belly Fat In Women The hormonal imbalance caused by this type of fat, can also leads to breast cancer in women, where the risk is 1/3 higher than that in women without it. It can also cause inflammation in the body. And if you know anything about inflammation you know it is the cause of a variety of different health conditions and diseases. According to one Danish study, women are five times more likely to die from heart disease when they have lots of belly fat, large waists and high levels of fat in the blood stream. What Causes Belly Fat? Genetics There are a lot of different factors that can cause someone to have an excess of belly fat. One such factor is genetics. If your parents have a lot of belly fat you are more likely to have belly fat as well. The sad truth is it can move down from generation to generation. Hormones also play a huge role. For example, after a woman goes through menopause the hormonal changes that take place can cause fat to gather in the belly. Poor Diet The most common cause of belly fat is poor dietary habits and a lack of exercise. These days people live on a fast food diet and never take the time to go to the gym. This not only leads to belly fat but it can also lead to obesity. So now the question is how can you get rid of belly fat? The first thing you need to do is get your diet in check. No more eating unhealthy fast food 5 nights a week. It’s time to start cooking. You need to eat lots of fresh veggies, fruits and proteins. Things such as broccoli, spinach, carrots, oranges, pineapples, mango and chicken are all great for losing weight. Exercise But it’s not just enough to get your diet right. You also need to start exercising. Exercising and eating right help keep your metabolism revved up. And the best part is you don’t have to workout a long time to see the results. All it takes is 30 minutes a day of intense exercise and you would be surprised how fast your body starts to change. When you workout be sure to incorporate resistance training. The more muscle you build the more fat you will burn during a 24 hour period. So, ladies don’t be afraid to increase your muscle mass. It will go a long ways towards helping you shed those extra pounds.
Russell (Rusty) Hart is the founder of the Health, Fitness & Sport Club, an online network of websites devoted to the promotion of health, fitness and wellness. The sites encompass a wide variety of health and fitness activities including, pilates, yoga, crossfit, treadmill training, equestrian, running, kettlebell, swimming, and more. Also covered are Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Positive Thinking, the Law of Attraction and related topics. Those interested can visit the HF & S Club home site at

5 Leading Causes of Obesity

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5 Leading Causes of Obesity

Overweight or obesity can be described as a very unhealthy accumulation of body fats. The excessive disposition of body fat leads to many health complications and even reduce the life expectancy of affected people. Obesity is measured in terms of body mass index which is obtained by dividing your weight by the square of your height. A body mass index in the range of 25-30 Kg/m2 is considered overweight, but if your BMI is more than 30 Kg/m2, it indicates that you are suffering from obesity. Clinical trials and scientific studies have confirmed that obesity is linked to various health issues like osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obstructive sleep apnea and certain types of cancer. In 2013, obesity has been classified as a disease. Obesity is mainly caused by excessive intake of food energy, sedentary lifestyle, genetic or endocrine disorders, medication side effects, psychological issues or any combination of these factors. Top five causes of obesity can be described as follows: Excess Intake of Food: Our body is supposed to store excess food energy as fat. If you are unable to resist your temptation for favorite delicacies, particularly fad-laden fast foods and sugary beverages, there can be no respite from obesity. Overeating has always been associated with wealth and fertility, but nowadays people are getting addicted to highly processed and unhealthy food. People’s eating behavior may be influenced by several factors like emotional stress, availability of food, desire to enjoy some snacks while watching TV, depression, reliance of packaged food and many more. Sedentary Lifestyle: Innovation and technological advancement have paved the way to modern civilization, but our innovations and technologies are designed to help us lead a comfortable life. Our body is not designed to lead sun an inactive life, but we are using cars, escalators and even remote control devices to cut down our physical activity. Physical activity or exercises are essential to maintain your health and well-being. If you are addicted to computer games or enjoying your favorite past time activity while sitting in the cozy chair and gulping colas, obesity is bound to occur. Medical Conditions: Disorders in the endocrine system is the third most common cause of obesity. Certain health conditions like Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome and depression may cause obesity. Thyroid is a hormone which is very essential for normal metabolism. Any deficiency of this hormone slows down the metabolism and people start accumulating fat. In Cushing syndrome, excess amounts of cortisol is produced which leads to fat deposition. It is well-known that certain weight-gain occurs during the pregnancy. Avoiding breastfeeding or leading inactive lifestyle after delivery can make you obese. Certain medications, particularly steroids, anti-hypertensive, anti-depressants, antipsychotics and anti- seizure drugs are known to cause weight gain. Psychological Distress: When people suffer from any deep rooted emotional trauma, they try to release their emotional stress by overeating. Many people overeat when they confuse the psychological void with hunger. Several research studies and clinical trials have established that fact that psychological problems lead to eating disorders. Depression is a well-known psychological problem when people indulge in over eating. Inherited Genes: If your parents are obese, you are more likely to develop obesity. Genetic susceptibility is another very important cause of obesity. Bardet-Biedl syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome are classic examples of genetic susceptibility, but behavioral aspects may be more important than genes. There are 56 different genes that relate to obesity phenotypes.
Unfortunately, obesity has become a global epidemic and despite being a preventable disease, it is one of the leading causes of death in adults.
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Is Obesity A Disease?

Compare Best Price Gastric Banding Surgery in France compare best price gastric band surgery Is Obesity A Disease?In this article author and health coach Richard Clarke discusses whether he believes obesity should be classed as a disease. He also looks into the possible implications of classing obesity as a disease.See all stories on this topic Read more…

We Reveal The easiest way to lose fat at home

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The easiest way to lose fat at home

I haven’t been big my life in fact, my pounds starting accumulating when my parents and that i moved from India to the usa. Let me just say how the food here in the usa is like that which you were used to back India. There are several fast food and they are delicious to put it mildly hence very addictive. I loved the rapid unhealthy fats and very quickly I started gaining weight. I knew I want to to get rid of the piling weight, but merely didn&rsquot hold the motivation to get started. I am talking about I didn&rsquot use a reason good enough to trigger me into starting my journey together with the fat reductionbefore and afters. As fate would have it, however, I met an awesome guy and now we fell for each other. After dating to get a good amount of time I knew my boyfriend desired to settle down and yes it dawned on me it had become time for you to start doing something about my weight if I would definitely fit into my perfect wedding gown when the day finally came. Every bride really wants to look stunning to be with her wedding day i wanted nothing a reduced amount of that. I desired to appear as sexy as those brides I saw from the events and in bridal magazines. It was said to be my day and I was not going to disappoint. I had to look great for my husband even as become one and needed all of the confidence to become a happy bride. The beginning With wedding ceremony in mind, I made the start towards a sexier me. I started on a diet program that did not bear me much fruit in terms of achieving my ideal weight. When you are planning to achieve something, there is truly no length you won&rsquot check out apply it. More info here Within my search for the best weight loss program or diet, I ran across a buddy on Facebook who told me an excellent fat loss program she promised would give me the outcomes that we needed.

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Weight Loss Surgery Linked to Increase in Self-Harming Behaviors

Affordable Gastric Band surgery

Gastric Band Surgery Linked to Increase in Self-Harming Behaviors

A recent study has found that people who had self-harming behaviors prior to weight loss surgery tend to be more self-harming after the procedure. Obesity has been a problem in the U.S., and many methods have been developed to fight against it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of U.S adults are obese, and the annual cost of treating obesity was $147 billion in 2008. One of the treatments used against the condition is Gastric band surgery. Dr. Amir Ghaferi, director of bariatric surgery at the Ann Arbor Veterans Administration Healthcare System in Michigan, said that it is “the most effective treatment of morbid obesity with a proven survival benefit.” Although the procedure is very effective, it was found that patients who had self-harming behaviors prior to undergoing the procedure tend to be more likely to exhibit more self-harming behavior, such as suicide, after the gastric band surgery is done. “While we are clear and confident about the medical benefits of weight loss, especially through gastric band surgery, I think we’re not as attentive to the potential psychological benefits or harms of it,” said Ghaferi, who wrote a commentary on the study, which is published in JAMA Surgery. The study, led by Junaid Bhatti, analyzed data from more than 8,800 patients, taken three years before and three years after their procedure. Of the group, 111 patients reported 158 self-harm emergencies within the post-surgery follow-up period. Additionally, most suicide attempts happened during the second and third year following the procedure. According to the researchers, about 93 percent of those suicide attempts were done by patients who were diagnosed to have mental health disorder prior to surgery. Intentional overdose was the most common method of suicide. The researchers pointed out some that previous research has possible explanations for the outcome, which include post-operative changes in alcohol metabolism, substance misuse, increased stress, and hormonal changes and not following the recommended Gastric Band Diet . Although the findings did not prove that weight-loss procedures do not heighten suicidal tendencies among the morbidly obese, it does emphasize the need to improve depression screening methods for surgery candidates prior to the procedure, and better follow-up care after surgery. “Because self-harm emergencies are a strong predictor of suicide, these findings highlight the importance of screening for self-harm behaviors in patients undergoing bariatric surgery,” the researchers wrote, as per LiveScience. According to Dr. Ghaferi, most medical programs only focus patient follow-up for the first year following surgery, and follow-up rates are generally poor. “We don’t really have a good way of screening these people,” Ghaferi said as per HealthDay. “We don’t have a good standard.” We should all try to do better at monitoring our patients post surgery.

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