The Secrets to Fat Loss

Gastric Band Surgery is maybe accepted as being the most acceptable type of weight loss surgery done All over the World. gastric sleeve surgery in France The Secrets to Fat LossLearn how to lose fat fast. Check out this article to learn the secrets about fat loss. Fat loss can be challenging, but with the right plan, it can be done!See all stories on this topic Read more…

Introducing A New Method – Bariatric Bypass Surgery – To Solve The Obesity Issues

Gastric Band Surgery is perhaps accepted as being the most common type of obesity surgery carried out in the western World. gastric sleeve surgery in France Introducing A New Method – Bariatric Bypass Surgery – To Solve The Obesity IssuesBeing overweight simply means you have put on more weight. Being obese is a dangerous situation that can make you prone to several life-threatening diseases like cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. And something must be done to come out of obesity. Lifestyle changes can help. But if they have not benefited you, there is this new method, bariatric bypass surgery!See all stories on this topic Read more…

Overweight Men and the Looming Dangers of Prostate Cancer

Gastric Band Surgery

is doubtless accepted as being the most common type of weight loss surgery done Worldwide.

Best Price gastric bypass surgery

Overweight Men and the Looming Dangers of Prostate Cancer
The prostate is a gland that helps men produce fluids that carry sperm from the body. Prostate cancer is a common cancer that affects men. However, if you detect the symptoms early and administer quick treatment, you have a very good chance of recovering from it. But prevention is always better than a cure. In other words, you need to avoid putting your place in a position where this disease can easily thrive and put your life at risk. Overweight men are more likely to be diagnosed and die from this disease than men who keep down their weight to a minimum by watching what they eat. This is the starting point if you want to avoid developing this disease-eat healthy. For instance, red meat contains saturated fat, if you have to eat pork ribs, ground beef, sausages, luncheon meats and high fat meats, do it minimally. It is better to stick to lean protein sources like turkey, fish and chicken breasts. Researchers have found that excessive fat that surrounds the prostate gland provides a favourable environment for the disease to thrive. So you need to eat foods that would not allow you accumulate fat. And need to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and get rid of the fat as well. Fat is required by the human body. But if you are overweight you stand the risk of attracting heart diseases, diabetes and of course this gland cancer. A study was conducted on over 700 patients with this disease who had undergone the process of prostatectomy. The researchers carried out extensive tests to determine the relation between the body mass indexes of the patients alongside the potential of having cancer. What was discovered was that the men who died of this sickness were 50% over their appropriate weight. In other words, males with high Gleason scores showed a rapid duplication for cancer cells. Those with a score of 5 or lower showed a lower tendency for the cells to spread. This is ample proof that obesity contributes to this cancerous disease. Besides eating healthily and exercising, you need to adopt a lifestyle that would keep you from ending up on the treatment table. If you are having problems peeing and waking up too many times in the middle of the night to use the toilet, you need to see a doctor immeditately. All hope is not lost when you discover that you have this seemingly dreaded disease, you can still fight it and survive. 1000’s of men are treated for swollen prostates as a precaution. Some of these measures are found in supplements and natural foods. These supplements or foods are not a solution to cancer but they help increase your chances of avoiding this disorder altogether. It is crucial that you have your prostate gland checked every year once you are in your mid-thirties. Early detection is very important and boosts your chances of the disease not spreading all over your body.

We Are A Society Which Likes Apportion Blame, Who Do You Blame For the State Of Your Health?

Gastric Band Surgery

The most commonly known type of weight loss surgery completed All over the World.

compare best price gastric band surgery

In today’s society it is common place to look for someone to blame when something goes wrong; to point the finger and lay the responsibility at the door of someone else. After all, if they had done their job properly everything would have been fine, wouldn’t it? We even do this in relationships, the bad things that happen are always the fault of the other party or because of some outside circumstances, we never really want to take responsibility for our own actions and reactions to situations and circumstances. It is the same with our health, weight and obesity! The blame is being laid heavily at the door of the food industry, the diet industry, the government, education in schools, the health care service… … the list goes on!! In reality, however, whilst the actions of those bodies do have a heavy impact on us as individuals, blaming them for our individual situation is futile. The truth is that blame is not the issue here; the real issue is responsibility. Blaming oneself for the state of our health can be incredibly detrimental as that can make us feel inadequate, desperate and incapable. Choosing to take responsibility and to decide to make changes for ourselves, regardless of outside influences, is empowering, constructive and uplifting! You cannot afford to wait until the Government and the food and diet industry get their act together and stop producing poor quality food at cheap prices. Blaming THEM will not make YOU miraculously more healthy!! YOU have to decide for yourself and choose to change your lifestyle and your diet! It doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may first seem. The choices YOU make not only affect YOU but everyone around YOU and they also affect future generations of your family!! Blaming others (or yourself) will not change what YOU do and what happens to YOU, YOU will simply become another statistic!! There may be confusing information out there about which diet is best and what type of exercise is best but what is not confusing is that convenience food and a lack of fruit, veg and wholefoods makes YOU sick and overweight!! YOU can decide today to stand up and fly in the face of the norm and make a difference in your own life! There may be huge changes required from the Government and other bodies in order to help to stop this rot spreading any further but what they will do tomorrow will not help YOU today!! There may be evidence that junk food and sugar is addictive but YOU do have the ability to learn to make better choices!! A bag of apples is not more expensive than the multi-pack of crisps YOU always buy! Water is not more expensive than the bottles of cola or juice that YOU buy! It may cost to go to the gym or the local swimming pool but walking is free and is available to everyone, including YOU!! YOU really do have choices, your life is in your hands and you owe it to yourself to make the best of it. Whether you believe in reincarnation or you think we are only here once, we only get to live this particular life once so we may as well make it count and make the best life that we can. When you stop blaming others and give the power back to yourself you will begin to feel amazing, about yourself and about your life!! YOU are worth so much more, you just have decide that you are!!
It’s time to take control of your health and weight, to break free from the diet trap and be the best that you can be! No diets, fads, pills or potions, just simple tools that really work! Take action today with this weight loss/food relationship empowerment course!
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Ongoing Study Researching to Quantify the Boost in Happiness Weight Loss Surgery Patients Receive

Gastric Band Surgery

is in all probability possibly the most acceptable type of obesity surgery done All over the World. compare best price gastric band surgery Ongoing Study Attempting to Quantify the Boost in Happiness Weight Loss Surgery Patients Receive Procedures like those performed by registered practitioners at a Hospital in Le Havre Northern France, have been shown to dramatically improve a person’s life ¦. but by just how much? While it will be several years before the data collected by this study will be gathered and properly analysed, patients who are interested in the potential positive effects that weight loss surgery can have on them personally can visit the Gastric band France website to see some of the amazing bariatric surgery success stories. While the results will vary, these stories will give patients a good idea of what is possible from weight loss surgery. It is also important to keep in mind that the choice of where you go for your procedure is incredibly important. Trusting your surgery to the talented and highly experienced surgeons at our Hospital in France is an outstanding way to improve your chances of success. To find out more about weight loss procedures, or to schedule a consultation today, you can call “Laser Clinics France Ltd” on 0033 686567031 or fill in the “Contact Us” form on any of our pages on our website by clicking HERE Read more…
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Gastric band mum pays £20000 to save sex life after being left with saggy skin

Gastric Band Surgery

Gastric Band Surgery Is accepted as being the most acceptable type of weight loss surgery carried out around the World.

Gastric band mum pays £20000 to save sex life after being left with saggy skin

An obese nurse who was left with folds of saggy skin all over her body after losing 10-stone has paid £20,000 to get her sex life back. Karen Smith, 42, was so self-conscious about her baggy skin and drooping breasts, she felt ‘more confident when she was fat’. So Mrs Smith took out a loan and used a Weight Loss clinic Abroad to have cheap surgery to achieve the ‘body of her dreams’. She was so scared her husband would leave her because of her excess skin, she had an upper arm lift, a tummy tuck, thigh lift, breast augmentation and uplift. Now the size-12 mum from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, loves showcasing her body and dressing up for her husband Darren, 43. She said: “We’d been together 22 years and I couldn’t remember the last time we’d had sex. “But after the gastric band surgery, I love slinky lingerie and strutting my stuff. “We’re always going on dirty weekends away and I love shopping for new outfits in the bedroom.” Mrs Smith was not eligible for treatment on the NHS becasue she could not meet the critera for gastric band surgery on the NHS, after ballooning to 21 stone, so in June 2009 she booked in for gastric band surgery at the private hospital in Birmingham. She said: “After the surgery, my stomach was so small I was on a liquid diet for six weeks and then tiny portions.” Seven months aftergastric band surgery Mrs Smith had lost 9st 7lb and was a size 10. But the full-time nurse was left with folds of saggy skin due to the quick weight loss. She said: “The baggy skin was worse than I’d ever imagined. “Folds of flesh on my tummy meant slim cut jeans pinched. “My bingo wings were so hefty. I had to go up to a size 12 just to cover my lumps and sagging bumps.” After searching through the options available, Mrs Smith found she could afford to have surgery if it was performed abroad. Mr Smith was concerned about the safety of the clinic so she opted to start with a simple procedure, an upper arm lift at a clinic abroad She said: “I was impressed by how clean the wards were and the qualifications of the surgeons. Just a day after the surgery in August 2012, the dressings were removed. he said: “My bingo wings were gone. In the 30 degree heat, I spent the next few days recuperating in the sun. Mrs Smith was so pleased with the results she wanted more surgery and taking Mr Smith’s concerns on board, she opted to have more serious operations, a tummy tuck and thigh lift, in the UK. Although the procedure went as planned, she was not entirely satisfied and booked more surgery abroad. She said: “Seeing that problems can happen at home too, Darren agreed to me going abroad again.” In April 2013, she headed back abroad for breast augmentation, uplift and corrective surgery to her thighs. Mrs Smith said: “That time, Darren came along for a holiday. Sightseeing in the city for two days before my surgery, we were just like teenagers again. “Now I’ve got my confidence back, our love life is back on track too.” For More FREE Information on Weight Losssurgery CLICK HERE and FREE No Obligation about Cosmetic surgery Aboad CLICK HERE
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22-year-old man loses 122kg, struggles with excess skin

Gastric Band Surgery

is doubtless accepted as being the most acceptable type of obesity surgery carried out Worldwide.

Best Price gastric band surgery

22-year-old man loses 122kg, struggles with excess skin following Gastric band surgery Mr Diaz told People Magazine in an interview on Tuesday that he underwent Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band surgery in 2009 to help shed weight. An article on John Hopkins Medicine’s website explains that during gastric band surgery, a small band is placed around the top section of the stomach to create a small pouch for food. Patients will feel full after consuming smaller amounts of food and lose weight as a result.Recently, Mr Diaz set up an online fund-raising page requesting for donations to remove his excess skin through surgery. The page has raised $57,000, nearly triple the target amount of $20,000 Diaz had estimated the surgery would cost him. In an update on Tuesday, Mr Diaz said that he would donate the remaining funds to “other health, body image and weight related donation pages and give back to the community that is changing my life.” – Read more…

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Now doctors give boy, 12, gastric band: Youngest ever British patient of extreme weight-loss …

Gastric Band Surgery

Is in all probability possibly the most commonly known type of weight loss surgery completed All over the World. Best Price gastric band surgery

Now doctors give boy, 12, gastric band:

Youngest ever British patient of extreme weight-loss …Gastric band surgery is only offered to obese patients as a last resort, and children or teenagers must meet a strict NHS gastric band criteria before they are even considered for this type of surgery. Figures seen by The Mail on Sunday show that 62 young people aged 18 or under had the stomach-shrinking gastric band surgery on the NHS and private hospitals over a three-year period. They include the 12-year-old, one boy aged 13 and two boys aged 15.
Leading doctors and dentists blame parents for letting their children become so unhealthy that they need surgery – not just gastric band, but also operations to remove rotten teeth caused by sugary diets.
Gastric band surgery is only offered to obese patients as a last resort, and children or teenagers must meet a strict criteria before they are even considered for the procedure. To qualify they must have a body mass index of more than 40, have reached puberty, have first tried to slim through dieting or exercise, and have a full understanding of the psychological implications.

But even with these stringent rules, Government figures show the number of young people under 19 having gastric bands on the NHS doubled between 2007 and 2013, when more than 200 children had the surgery.

The average cost of the operation is more than £7,000.

Official statistics from the National Bariatric Surgery Register, which is compiled from surgeons’ reports, reveal that the 12-year-old boy is the youngest child to have been fitted with a gastric band within this group, although it is not recorded if the operation was publicly or privately funded.

NHS statisticians said the youngest patient they had on record for bariatric surgery paid for by the Health Service was 13.

However, many surgeons argue that the stomach bands could save the NHS money through reducing levels of obesity and associated illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, which are estimated to cost the Health Service £5 billion a year.

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A Mini Gastric ByPass Testimonial from Laureinne C

Testimonial from Laureinne for her Mini Gastric Bypass

Date of Gastric Bypass Surgery 2015

Dear Tullia
Firstly I want to say thank you for your patience with me in getting all my documents in order.
 I want to congratulate and praise you for the coordination and execution of this experience for me.
From  the welcome at the Euro star in Paris, travel to the hotel, hospital and back, has just been one great journey without any problems.  The hotel was comfortable and staff were very helpful and pleasant,  everyone there just knew what to do. Taxi service on time every time knowing where to drop and collect you.
The Hospital
The staff at the hospital where the consultation was done, even when there was a lack of communication with language barrier,  everybody just knew what to do, what and where to go next.
Meeting Dr. B.
The staff who assisted with when the endoscopy was done,  they were amazing.  Speaking of amazing,  I want to say, my experience in the hospital itself was great, from being taken up,  going to theatre and back to the ward, the nurses constant care, being there whenever you need them , I can only applaud them. But mostly I want to say thank you to Dr B. for his follow-up visits, making sure I was ok.
After Surgery
Thank you for your calls back at the hotel making sure I was ok after the mini gastric bypass operation was done, for arranging the yogurt and soup, and checking to see if anything else was required.

Thank you for making this Gastric Bypass journey so comfortable as possible  for me,  I can, and will recommend you and your team with highest praise.

Foto’s to follow with next update
Kind regards
Laureinne C
*“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person  
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Episode 57: Lap Band Bypass Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery cost less in France

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Probably accepted as being the most commonly known type of weight loss surgery done All over the World. gastric sleeve surgery in France Episode 57: Lap Band Bypass Gastric SleeveEpisode 57: Lap Band Bypass Gastric Sleeve. 15th February 2015. My wife joins me as we discuss our recent experiences with being obese. Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures On the morning of the 26th of April, 2014 I am booked in to have Gastric Sleeve surgery. (By the time you read this the surgery will most likely be over) It is a keyhole operation that removes the lower half of the stomach and restitches it together, essentially performing two tasks: Reduce the size of the stomach physically and in most cases (though not all) remove physical hunger. You read that right – you stop “feeling” hungry. You still feel the need to eat but this is often referred to as “Head Hunger” when you realise you normally would be munching on something but don’t “feel” hungry in the traditional way. Tummy growls are generally gone (though not in every case) after this procedure. I have spent close to a year toying with the idea and researching the living you-know-what out of this subject. In the first week of this year I pulled the trigger and booked in for a consultation with the doctor then the specialist and it’s now all set to go. It’s drastic. It’s an admission that I’ve failed to control my weight using my willpower alone. For whatever judgement I get from strangers about “not having tried hard enough” by other means, my close family support my decision as they know the success rate at keeping the weight off in the long term after this procedure is extremely high compared to any diet. It’s not free either, but as I see it I have no other feasible choices. Sure I could try again with yet another diet. By the time I’ve tried and failed again it could well be too late. Yes there are risks. There are numerous studies but we’re looking at a 3.2% complication rate where readmission to hospital is required and a 0.19% mortality rate. Complications after 6 months are essentially 0. Because the stomach stretches (it’s designed to after all) if patients ignore their new “full” feeling post-sleeve then stretching can occur and you can end up close to where you started. The figures on that are much more difficult to find, however a random survey on a Facebook page of people that have been sleeved has shown that most people (even 10+ years out) have still kept their weight off. No walk in the park I need to have a strict diet of no carbohydrates, no fats, no sugars and minimal protein with only a handful of vegetables permitted for two weeks leading up to the surgery. This reduces the amount of fat in the liver and makes the operation significantly safer. Post operative I’m on liquids for two weeks, purees for the following two weeks and mushy foods two weeks after that before I can try “normal” food again. In short: it’s not going to be fun. This sure as hell isn’t the easy way out of anything – which is a common rebuff I’ve heard levelled at people undertaking this type of surgery. The end result will be worth it. I should be able to go off my blood pressure medication and hopefully my CPAP machine as well. My whole body will feel lighter and I’ll have more energy but that’s not really what I’m looking forward to the most. I’m looking forward to remembering what a ”full” stomach feels like again. I’m looking forward to being able to exercise and ride my bicycle again with my kids. I’m looking forward to more challenging bush walks, and as a bonus I should get less insults from the assholes of the world. Most importantly of all though, I’m looking forward to living longer. Read more…

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