Gastric Bypass in France Testimonial Christina McD

Gastric Bypass Patient Losses 34 lbs in 4 weeks

Surgery in April 2013 I had been considering Gastric Bypass Surgery for several months and my GP recommend a private hospital in the UK. I had 3 appointments at the UK Clinic with the consultant who was helpful and decided that I was ready to go ahead with the surgery. I started looking at how we could finance this as it is expensive in the UK and because of this I started looking at options abroad as the costs were significantly less than those inthe UK. I made an enquiry to French Cosmetic Surgery and Tullia Law the Company Coordinator returned my call the same evening. Tullia was fantastic, she explained that this was an all inclusive package for surgery, hotel, transport and hospital stay while in France. Tullia gave me a potential date for surgery and it all became very real!! We were asked to pay the full amount of the surgery up front and I have to say initially that worried me, but it all turned out well. I was sent my itinerary and everything I was promised fell into place. The minute we arrived in Paris we were met by our Taxi, which had been arranged by Tullia, which took us directly to the Hotel. The hotel was really nice and the staff were well informed about the procedures for the next few days, they made us welcome and arranged all our transport to and from the hospital for my pre-op checks. I met my consultant Dr B. for the first time who put me at ease about the surgery and fully explained the procedures before, during, and after the operation. We stayed in a private room in the hospital and the staff were fantastic, very attentive and pandered to my every need before and after my operation. Dr B. visited me twice a day to ensure I was OK. I have to say the service was second to none. Once I was discharged from hospital Tullia called every day to see how I was doing and Dr B visited the hotel as well. I am now 4 weeks post op and I am doing well! I have lost 17 lbs since my op and I also lost 17 lbs on the pre op diet sent to me by Tullia, so in total 34 lbs!! I feel fantastic and would like to say a special thanks to Tullia Law and Dr B and all his staff for making my life changing decision an easy one for me. I would have no problem in recommending the French Cosmetic Surgery to anyone. My contact detail can be obtained from Tullia if anyone would like more information. Christina McD For More details and to learn how you too can benefit from gastric Bypass surgery in France and save thousands of Pounds when compared to UK Prices. *“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person
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Gastric Sleeve Before and After Results Update

Gastric Sleeve in France Before and After Results

Mohhamad Loses 42 KG in less than 3 Months (42 Kg = 6.6 Stone or 92.6 Lbs)

From Mohammad dated 15 May 2013 I would like to update everyone about my weight loss results following my recent Gastric Sleeve Surgery in France. In My Last post on this blog (which you can read by clicking HERE) Mohammad weighed 120.3Kg.
gastric sleeve after Photo May 2013

An Update Photo of Mohammad in May 2013

Mohhamad is very happily helping me with gardening which is something which he could not do prior to having the Surgery as he could hardly move before he had the gastric Sleeve surgery

In my Last post on this blog (which you can read by clicking HERE) Mohammad weighed 120.3Kg.

We are now please to say that Mohhamad is now down to 114 kg

This means that in total he has lost 42 k g since he had the gastric sleeve operation under your supervision.

All credit goes to you and your team Tullia.

We will keep you Updated.

*“Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person“ For More details on you too can experience weight Loss like Mohhamad please Click on of the Images Below for the type of Surgery which is of Interest to you, or you can Contact us for FREE no obligation consultation
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How Much Is Gastric Band Surgery ?

How Much is Gastric Band Surgery How much is Gastric Band Surgery in France ? The cost of Lap band surgery in the UK and Ireland is now beyond the reach of most people. The average price in the UK and Ireland is well over £8500 at most private Hospital and Clinics. The NHS in the UK have also recently cut down on the number gastric lap bands operations which they perform due to the recent cut backs to Hospitals Budgets. What makes matters worse for the general public is that it is now very much a lottery as to who qualifies for adjustable lap band surgery depending on where you live in the UK. Since the re-organisation of the NHS under the current government the new Commissioning bodies are being very slow at prioritising surgery, with many of these bodies still being in state of flux. In many areas Obesity surgery will only be done when peoples quality of Life is so limited that person who is extremely obese is virtually bedriden due to the restriction of movement they are experiencing. By this time most of these people will aready be suffering from other related illnesses such as diabetes and hypertention or severe Heart disease which is also a debilitating condition in its own right. Common sense does not seem to come in to the equasion. Surely it would save the NHS many thousands of pounds to treat people who are grossly overwieght before they get in to this situation. The cost of treatment for all of these related conditions is very expensive over time, and it would cost the NHS far less if treatment or help for obese people was given before everything starts to descend in to an ever decreasing spiral of health problems and mobility problems. Comparing costs of gastic band surgery in the UK to the cost of gastric band surgery in France the savings are considerate. Even if you take in to account the cost of travelling to a Hospital we checked out in Le Harve in Northern France. Bariatric Surgery is available at short notice for as little as £3000 which also includes the cost of the consultaions, the Aneathetist, Blood tests, Xrays, 1 night in the hospital in a Private room, and 2 nights in a nearlby Hotel. The cost of travel to France from many areas of the South of England is less than £100.
Our Price Our Price In France
Typical UK Price
Gastric band Surgery
From £ 3,000
£ 6,950
Gastric By Pass
From £ 5450
£ 11,000
Gastric Sleeve
From £ 5350
£ 10,000
The New NHS commissioning Bodies could save many thousands of pounds if they would only take the time make the enquiries themselves. It takes minutes to do a google search for “gastric band surgery France” where you will find a website for a hospital in France offering many types of Bariatric and gastric band surgery for less than £3000. We can only Hope that eventually someone responsible for commissioning takes the time to do the same search !! BlogHeader1
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Gastric ByPass Surgery will Cost Less in France than the UK

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost Less in France

Gastric ByPass is recommended for morbidly over-weight or obese patients

Gastric ByPass Surgery, costs far less in France than it does anywhere else in the UK or all of Ireland. It has a reputation which is growing rapidly as more and more patients are happy to travel to France to achieve a weight loss goal with this type of surgery.

For people who find that their weight is constantly increasing they can improve their results at a controlled pace following surgery and by then eating a recommended low calorie diet, and also by following a simple exercise routine which can actually become a life saving event.

After analyzing information from Health insurance Company seminars between 2002 and 2012, researchers discovered that Gastric ByPass operations and other bariatric surgery treatments increased dramatically.during the period of the survery with the expectation that this trend would continue to increase over time

However, bypass Surgery is not always suitable for everyone. Whilst it is generally accepted as one of the safest and most efficient methods to achieving long-term weight-loss, it can have more benefits than drawbacks.

Prior to deciding which type of bariatric surgery to have, it is important to assess the potential risks as well as the expected benefits extremely carefully by contacting your own local Health Practitioner prior to consulting with an authorized bariatric Practitioner. By doing this you will have the valued opinion of a Doctor who knows you already and also understands your personal situation and general health rather than a Practitioner who may have a vested interest in carrying out the surgery !

Advantages of Gastric ByPass Surgery in France

  1. After having ByPass Surgery the majority of patients will lose weight reasonably quickly.
  2. Post operative clients report a substantial improvement in quality of life and well being shorlty after the surgery has taken place.
  3. There are Very Few patients who report or experience any problems following the surgical treatment.
  4. Sufferers struggling with weight-related health problems frequently see improvements to their health within two years.
  5. The popular Gastric ByPass Surgery offers a reasonably short recuperation period and very little discomfort post operative.
  6. Gastric ByPass Surgery treatment will help deal with type 2 diabetes or help obese sufferers with other higher glucose levels.
  7. ByPass Surgery could improve cardiovascular concerns including high blood pressure.
  8. Incontinence has also been reported as being solved via Gastric ByPass treatment.
  9. Weight-related pains and aches generally disappear right after Surgery
The most commonly asked questions about Gastric ByPass Surgery in France are :-
  • What is the cost of Gastric ByPass Surgery
  • What is the cost of travel to the Hospital In France
  • What is the easiest way to travel to the Hospital
  • where is the initial consultation
  • how quickly can you book me in for Gastric ByPass Surgery
  • what aftercare is offered following Gastric ByPass Surgery in France
  • Is aftercare available in the UK/Ireland
To find the answers to these and many other questions why not visit our main information pages by following the links by clicking any of the images below.
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