Gastric Band surgery is one of the best methods of achieving and managing a weight loss goal for Obese People.

If all other attempts at losing weight have failed then Gastric Band France Surgery may be the best choice of surgery to have done so that they can try to correct the effects of time and a lifetime of poor choices on their bodies.

Gastric band surgery is probably the most common type of obesity surgery carried out in the Western World.

We offer probably the lowest price gastric band cost available in Europe with our low price cheap affordable gastric band option, and a fast recovery time following surgery.

All of our Surgeons are registered to carry out gastric band procedures to ensure that your Surgery is conducted to the highest possible standards in accordance with EEC Regulations.

Basically an adjustable band is placed around the upper part of the stomach creating a small “pouch”. As this n ewly formed upper part of the stomach fills with small amounts of food the brain believes it is a message that the stomach is full and this sensation helps the person to eat smaller portions, eat less and therefore lose weight over time.

Every day we help people to lose weight..permenantly through our website, gastric band, where you will save thousands of £’s too. Weight loss surgery cost less at our Specialist Bariatric and Obesity Hospital in France, with Easy access from all areas of the UK and all of Ireland.

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"Lisa N" who had a gastric Band fitted in May 2014 Says :-
Thank you so much Tullia for organising my Gastric band operation and the outstanding care I have received.
I’ve already lost nearly a stone in 2 weeks.
I would highly recommend anyone having Affordable Gastric Band Surgery to have it done with this company.

“Tracey” who had a Gastric band fitted in Sep 2012 says :-
I already feel lighter, this Surgery was the best thing I ever did.
I am more than happy with Laser Clinics (France) Ltd and I would never have been able to afford gastric band surgery in England

Why not read some great unsolicited gastric band testimonials posted by past Patients by clicking here

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Why should you consider weight loss Gastric Band surgery in France?

Hospital Jacques Monod in Le Havre France• Modern, fully equipped medical facilities
• Highly experienced surgeons fully qualified bariatric surgeons.
• Equal of even better quality service than offered in the UK
• Shorter waiting lines, Book Now and have your surgery next week !
• English-speaking medical staff
• Huge savings – save up to 50% when compared to UK prices
• personal assistance, each client has a personal contact to assist at all stages.
Our modern Hospital in Le-Havre is the largest (French NHS) Hospital in France with over 2000 Beds, all in Private rooms, with Bathrooms e-suite. The Hospital has 12 Operating Theatres, which are all fully equipped with the latest technology and Equipment to ensure fast efficient surgical procedures.

*All of our Surgeons are Highly Qualified Registered Bariatric Surgeons*

++PLUS++ We offer after care at convenient locations in UK

Gastric Bypass surgery in France

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Gastric Bypass Surgery is normally performed to reduce the size of the stomach by as much as 90% in an effort to radically reduce the volume of food a clinically obese person is able to consume at any one time. Gastric bypass is a very effective procedure and is done laparoscopically, where laparoscopes are used by the Surgeons to gain access through the abdominal wall through small surgical incisions. This method reduces the risk of infections and also improves recovery time for the patient.

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Jackie who had a Mini gastric Bypass in Sept 2014 says :-
Seeing the results after the excellent service and support you gave me has changed my life.
From my initial enquiry to all of the follow-up questions and answers you gave you have been outstanding !

Read some great testimonials posted by Patients, or compare prices of gastric band by clicking this link here

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Gastric sleeve surgery cost less in France

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery, or Gastrectomy is carried out by a qualified Bariatric surgeon who will remove approximately 60 to 80% of the patients stomach , leaving only a small tube (“sleeve”) which effectively becomes the new stomach pouch which extends from the natural stomach opening to the natural stomach outlet.
You can learn more about this procedure by Clicking Here

Imtiaz who had a Gastric Sleeve in June 2014 Says :-

I have Lost an amazing 4st 9lb (65lbs) in three Months !!

I am truly amazed at the results, my health is so much better and I feel like a new person.
Tullia was amazing all the way and there were no hiccups in the arrangements she had made, the staff were friendly explained everything in detail in English.

Helen who had a gastric Sleeve in Feb 2015

Helen had Gastric Sleeve Feb 2015

Helen who had a Gastric Sleeve on 4th Feb 2015 Says :-
I have lost 21 pounds and many inches in the first 2 weeks after having my Gastric Sleeve Surgery.
Whilst I struggled with low energy, I am now in my third week and feel brilliant. I have no appetite and need to force myself to eat in order to sustain my energy levels. It is weird to find that after eating only four pieces of mango, or half a bowl of soup I am full. I have no cravings.
My only regret is not having had this surgery 10 years ago.

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Our PriceOur Price In France
Typical UK Price
Gastric band Surgery
From £ 3,000
£ 6,950
Gastric By-Pass
or Mini Bypass
From £ 5500
£ 11,000
Gastric Sleeve
From £ 5500
£ 10,000

Even if you take in to account the costs of travel to Europe
you will still save thousands of ££’s

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